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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

On Track Again

The Tuesday track gang have moved south to the end of Andrews House platforms, to take on replacement of the first section of timberwork of the point.
Crossing timbers under the nose section have to be moved
by hand, because the crane cannot lift under the footbridge.
The timbers are up to 15' and about 250kg each,
so they need to be handled by a team.
All replacement timbers have been manhandled into place,
then the job of gauging, drilling and fixing can progress.
Malcolm cleaning under chairs and fitting ferrules,
Ken drilling, Graham greasing and placing screws,
Les supplying materials, and Bill rattling down screws

Meanwhile, back at the shed, the crane is having its annual inspection.   It will be needed for trackwork in the near future.
The Lloyds British inspector checking the crane,
which has been passed for use for another year.