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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Assortment

Matthew filling Cochrane's displacement
lubricator with cylinder oil
Richard titrating Cochrane's boiler water to test for
tannins level - it's at 160 ppm
Angela checking Cochrane's boiler water level
Angela and Malcolm loading coal at Andrews House
James rubbing down HL No.2's cab roof interior
Mark helping to disassemble No.6's brake gear to enable
the ashpan to be removed for its 10 year boiler  test
Matthew and Ian levelling the platform surface at ET
Steve drilling the ceiling supports at ET station
John adding noggins to a stud wall at ET station
Danny and Steve installing ceiling supports
Angela & Alan on Cochrane view progress on ET station
Bobby and Tom reinstalling brake rigging on No.6,
following removal of the ashpan