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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Operations

Ian & Ryan exchange tokens as the works train
heads for Causey
Richard on Twizell assembling the train .....
..... and propelling it onto the main line
The empty stock passes Marley Hill box .....
(Henry resting having brought the token from Causey)
..... and Twizell runs round .....
..... before heading for Sunniside
Chris the fireman keeping a look out
Twizell running round at Sunniside
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
Guy manning the crossing
Birthday party at Causey
People relaxing and watching the train as Causey
At Causey - Fred waiting for tea room custom; Kyle uncoupling Twizell
(photos courtesy of Stu Armstrong)

Alan framed will driving Twizell at Burdon Plain
Alan & Chris watering Twizell
at Andrews House
Rod setting out afternoon teas
Alan & Ryan exchange tokens
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
Twizell arriving at Andrews House .....
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
..... followed by the exodus
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
A discussion group at the front of Marley Hill shed
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
The mystery object is a Wallis & Steevens traction
engine - at Marley Hill en route to Corbridge