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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Sleepers

Several people helped with spot sleeper replacement north of Causey during today:
Jason replaces the first sleeper of the day
Demonstrating how to clear sleeper beds
(photo courtesy of Jason Peppercorn)
Jason & Steve withdrawing a sleeper,
with Archie in charge
Luke & Dan clearing ballast from sleeper ends
The team grows and set to work
Dan, Kyle & Luke fetching sleepers
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
 Stu & Steve fastening down

Steve & Kyle withdrawing sleepers,
being careful of the embankment side
Kyle at work (1st photo Stu Armstrong)

The job continues well into the afternoon
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
Fastening down the last sleepers by hand
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)