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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Gala Day 1

Four 4 wheelers being prepared
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
Mark & Chris oiling waggons
(photos courtesy of Matthew Pickering)

Richard on Judy
Dan, carriage shed display organizer
A photographer at Causey
No.2 crewed by Ian & David
Alfred being coaled & watered
Sarah, Judy's posing fireman
Alan - Judy's driver on a break
The model boat folk
Alfred running round its train at Sunniside
David on Alfred's throttle
John Antell looking ahead on Alfred
Ryan exchanging tokens
The view from Alfred approaching Andrews House
Ian shows disdain for little Alfred
Peter sets his train away
The coal & water crew on Cochrane
Owen on Cochrane; Matthew at Causey Level Crossing

Driver & guard natter as Sarah backs Judy onto the train
 Sarah coupling; Malcolm our DO

Alan has swapped onto HL No.2
The ladies confer
At day's end, Kyle cleans Judy's ashpan .....
..... and Dan cleans Judy's smokebox