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Sunday, 15 December 2013

North Pole Express Day 6

Matthew cleaning HL No,2 .....
..... and Matthew cleaning Twizell
Tom oiling beneath Twizell's cab
James completing loco running records
Guy & Neil in the car park
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
A throng waits in the carriage shed for the NP Express
Steve & Matthew pose on HL No.2
Matthew keeps an eye on the train 
..... as does Tom
Kyle on the crossing
View from Twizell alongside Burdon Plain
Twizell draws forward from the North Pole .....
..... watched by Peter the guard, assisted by Adam,
with Bill on the platform.....
..... followed by HL No.2 .....
..... to get to the north North Pole
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
Annela serving hot drinks, Tommy on the mince pies
Chris & Fred help in the tea room
Tommy, Dave & Malcolm enjoy Angela's singing
Ryan exchanging tokens with Tom, and lighting No.6 signal lamp
(photos courtesy of Stu Armstrong)

Late this afternoon, the Express at Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
Twizell & HL No.2 back at Marley Hill shed
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
Steve withdraws the fire .....
.... and David cleans the ashpan on HL No.2
In the five road shed, Danny & Kyle rub down the paint on NER No.7