Saturday, 30 July 2016

Railways in Saltburn

Steam on Saltburn Miniature Railway 
A later train heading through Valley Gardens on the 15" line
(slopey steam outline especially for Tommy)
Saltburn viaduct, on the route to Skiningrove steel works  
Cars passing on Saltburn Cliff Lift .....
..... with a view over the pier into the North Sea
(the water chute powering the lift is on the right)
Pacer for Darlington at Saltburn (the original station portico is left of the BR sign)
Saltburn platforms were originally further north east ......
(seen with rail removed in 1960) 
..... & continued into the NER's Zetland Hotel (seen in 1958)

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The Doctor said...

its a great place! surfing off the beach, the Ship Inn on the beach, interesting if a little bumpy, trip from 'Boro, all that industry... ho hum. Must be time to dump the buses and look for something better to transport visitors to the jewel on the NY coast. Zetland hotel now appts I believe ( we thought of living in Saltburn...)