Sunday, 7 October 2018

Another Sunday

No.2 with today's crew : Logan - cleaner, Ben - trainee fireman, Angela - fireman, Steve - driver
Steve taking No.2 & the empty stock from Marley Hill - the waggon has equipment for ET
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Oliver filling water treatment bottles
Jim at his lathe
Frank at his garden
The bishop looks at the train while Steve waits for a green flag from Dave, who  ......
..... delivers coal for the crossing fire ....
..... & shows the flag to leave Causey
Jonny checking round No.49
Coaling & watering No.2
Ben looks back as No.2 leaves Andrews House
Stuart working on van 111 floor
Oliver, Alex & Tyler preparing firewood
Ian collecting more site measurement data while Alex & Oliver tidy
Empty stock approaching Terrace Junction, prior to propelling the empty stock into Marley Hill

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