Sunday, 22 December 2019

NPE Day #9

Dan telling Tom how he'd like his train shunted
Callum cleaning Cochrane
Antony checking 49's smokebox for any problems before lighting up
Tom skimming a side of one of HC 38's new axleboxes
A fairy princess watches a gaggle of TR staff with the NPE empty stock at the North Pole
Chris in discussion with Callum & David .....
..... before the train heads south to find passengers
Santa being handed a present from an elf
Elves Maureen & Abby wait for the onslaught
The first NPE of the day arrives
Alan waits excitedly for passengers to alight .....
...... after which an instant queue is formed
Jonny making pins for the digger
Steve wiring the Fowler diesel .....
..... which Andrew is painting
Peter pumping oil around Horden's motion ......
..... & adjusting the lifting straps on the boiler
The boiler is off the trolley .....
..... & being swung round to align with the frames
49 heading away from Marley Hill to take over the NPE
Richard & Peter are guiding Horden's boiler .....
..... into the frames
The boiler is a tight fit
Richard checking carefully as the boiler is lowered
Tom having a long day on the borer

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