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Friday, 1 October 2021

Some Seaham

In 1971, early in Dave Dixon's career as a Tyne Tees TV cameraman, he filmed Johnny Morris at Seaham in Costa del Coal.
Johnny Morris riding around Dawdon colliery on the front of a diesel loco
(still from Costa Del Coal)
Inside Hall Dene signalbox, which controlled access to Vane Tempest colliery
(still from Costa Del Coal)
Approaching the docks on the run down from Seaham colliery
(still from Costa Del Coal)

Among several others on YouTube, there is a 1963 film Coal for Shipment which looks at moving coal into & from the docks at Seaham.
On the balanced incline between Seaham colliery & docks in 1963
(still from Coal for Shipment)
The Lewin-built loco on Seaham dockside in 1963
(still from Coal for Shipment)
Today at Beamish museum, Lewin-built No.18 in steam under the screens .....
..... & near the loco shed

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