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Monday, 24 December 2012

North Pole Express Day 10 - Xmas Eve

Matthew & David on Twizell at Tanfield
Bob on car park duty at East Tanfield ....
..... along with Guy
Jack explaining to passengers what
will happen at the North Pole 
David and Richard manning Cochrane, in reserve
Walter and Peter removing HL No.2's chimney .....
..... assisted by Vic
The Express arrives at the North Pole .....
.....and passengers dash for the queue for Santa
Richard coaling as David and Matthew water Twizell
Matthew keeping an eye on the train
Posing passengers
Ian on Twizell's regulator
The view when arriving at the North Pole
Peter making a part for HL No.2
An elf
Frances keeping the tables sparkling
The glittery signalman
Santa having seen his last until 2013