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Sunday, 16 December 2012

North Pole Express Day 7

Steve posing while marshalling the stock
David & Matthew on Twizell taking the empty stock
under the footbridge and heading for East Tanfield
Angela checking the vacuum .....
..... and keeping an eye on her train
Families enjoying themselves at the North Pole
Inside the tearoom at the North Pole
..... at the counter .....
..... and in the extension tent
No water to site for the first 6 hours today - Rod &
Jon-Paul collecting rainwater to flush toilets
Chris cleaning 49's firebox
Owen and Tom manning standby loco Cochrane
Vic greasing the digger
In the workshop, Dan cleaning a pin from Horden
Stuart using the shotblast cabinet
Danny and Richard fastening the drill to Horden .....
...... for Danny and Bobby to remove tubeplate rivets
Danny at the forge ......
(photo courtesy of Kyle Allsopp)
... and Mark heating bar
(photo courtesy of Kyle Allsopp)
Back at the NP, Steve, David & Henry are on Twizell
John has taken over as guard
Happy shop staff at the end of the day
Santa waves off the last train today