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Friday, 22 February 2013

Continued Trackwork

More work on East Tanfield bank today:

Vic taking temporary 30' 90 lb/yd BH rail ......
...... to be loaded by Ian
Rob, John and Malcolm removing chairs
so that sleepers can be used as packing
John and Malcolm bundling 15' rails ..... 
..... to be added to those being returned  .....
..... then the last temporary rail in this phase
John and Malcolm cleaning 60' 95 lb/yd BH rail .....
..... which is installed .....
..... and the gap set to spec
John, Vic, Ian and Rob insert the final rail in this phase
Ian unloading the temporary rail at Marley Hill
There's still much work to be done on East Tanfield Bank, including keying, fishplating, levelling and ballasting of the 120 yards under which we have replaced wooden with concrete sleepers.   The whole process needs to be repeated three more times - remove 60' rails, remove chaired wooden sleepers, level trackbed, build temporary short CS1 panels, transport and crane into place, align panels, remove 30' rails, reinstall 60' rails, etc.   The target is to complete the work before Easter, weather permitting.