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Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday Mix

Steve filling Twizell's mechanical oiler .....
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
..... and oiling the inside motion
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
Ryan pulling the northbound starter
Steve & Dan check behind .....
.... Steve drives Twizell north from Andrews House ....
..... Dan continues to check as the train leaves .....
..... and Dave keeps a lookout from the MS&L brake
Twizell about to head south from Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
Passengers watch .....
,,,, and Matthew looks out .....
..... as the shunt at Causey proceeds .....
..... with Dave keeping an eye on his train
Perhaps Dan isn't sure of Angela's signal ....
.... but Dave keeps it clearer
Ian, John, Angela & Jason lay more timber decking on Houghwell Burn bridge
(photos courtesy of Matthew Pickering)

Jason, Stu, Matthew, Angela & Ian
start to remove sleepers south of  Causey
Matthew & Angela remove a stubborn screw
The full team remove sleepers .....
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
..... with a close up of Jason & John .....
..... and Angela & Matthew
More sleeper removal .....
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
.... then Matthew installing a replacement .....
..... and another going in
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
John's working, but the rest are sharing a joke
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
More sleepers going in, watched by Dave
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
Ian drilling
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
Bob fitting steps on the Baguley tower wagon
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Alan hoeing down on Andrews House approach
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Dave setting up a job
Kyle & Chris cleaning Marley Hill shed floor .....
..... later joined by Stuart
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Steve removing Twizell's fire at end of day