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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Black, Hawthorn & Co

Black Hawthorn & Co were Gateshead-based builders of industrial locomotives of the mid Victorian period.   Following in the vein of the 30 October post about the Robert Stephenson works, I was reminded of BH's importance to the Tyneside Locomotive Museum Trust's collection by a photo recently sent by Dave Hewitt:
Wellington (BH 266, 1873) at Andrews House
(photo from 1990s courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
See Wikipedia for basic information on Black Hawthorn - note that you can correct any errors or omissions - I added Bauxite, which was missing, and moved City of Aberdeen to Tanfield.

There is a useful entry for Black Hawthorn in Grace's Guide to British industrial history, which has several links and references, eg to interesting on line copies of 'The Engineer' magazine from the 19th century.   (When reading PDFs or other documents, you may find it convenient to use CTRL+F and search for Hawthorn.)

I couldn't find anything concise and detailed on the web for Black, Hawthorn & Co.   Perhaps we need to do something about this for all NE railway manufacturers.

Bauxite No.2 (BH 305, 1874) at NRM York
City of Aberdeen (BH 912, 1887) at Marley Hill
(photo copyright SRPS)

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