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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tanfield Today

Richard reaming out Twizell's foundation ring rivet holes
Dave the guard gives a green flag as David propels the empty stock around Marley Hill curve
(photos courtesy of Callum Gilchrist)

Tanfield Railway Association board meeting
 Kyle preparing and painting a buffer beam of the Westoe tower waggon
(photos courtesy of Callum Gilchrist)

 Members of Carlisle's Morton Photographic Society take delight in Marley Hill shed

Peter oiling Twizell to avoid axle journals corroding
David driving Cochrane under Gibraltar Bridge ....
..... and exchanging tokens with signalman Angela
David & David return to Andrews House on Cochrane
Frances tidying up in Andrews House shop
David watering & Ryan coailng Cochrane
David uncoupling
Callum cleaning Cochrane's ashpan