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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Andrews House Relaying #10

Kevin & Dave cleaning chairs
Bob, Nigel, Bill & Bob fitting chairs
Geoff cleaning chair seats; Ian screwing down chairs

Bill, Nigel, Ian, Dick & Bob .....
..... turning rails into the chairs
Bob & Dave changing a sub standard chair
Geoff (aka Olga) fetching more ferrules
Dave has joined ....
..... the rail turning team
Kevin preparing more chairs .....
..... assisted by Geoff
Nigel & Dave unloading the missing rails
Moving the rails into place
Bill & Bob unloading the last rail
Shuffling rail into place
Trimming rail
Maneouvering rail
Lifting rail to enable sleepers to be repositioned
Last rail going in, with Peter helping
The view from Gibraltar Bridge tonight
- fishplating, keying, gauging & screwing to do

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