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Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Better Day

Steve on Cochrane taking out the empty stock
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Brian & Dan working on Horden
Brian turning down the shoulder of a drive bolt
Ben & Ethan cleaning No.2's tubes
Euan cleaning carriage windows
Painting the Planet - Chris .....
..... & Bob
Peter & Richard using a trammel to check the machined tyre diameter
Richard & Jonathan bringing in Horden's next axle for turning
Ethan helping to seat the axle in the lathe
Steve & Rob exchange smiles & tokens
Guy the guard
Steve oiling & checking Cochrane
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Guy photographing the crew & cleaners on Cochrane, with Fred's wreath
(photo courtesy of David Reed)

Euan clearing up after a busy day in Pontop Canteen
Bringing the empty stock back in, Cochrane runs short of steam .....
..... so Alan uses AW No.2 to fetch the train into Marley Hill

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