Friday, 25 December 2015

Bede Accident Centenary

The site on which T&W Metro's Bede Station now stands was the scene of a serious accident on 17 December 1915.
All three locomotives involved ended up down the embankment

In fog, the banker of a goods train out of Tyne Dock dropped back & came to stand on the South Shields to Newcastle up line.   The signalman at St Bede's Junction didn't see or remember the banker.   The fireman on the banker didn't report to the signalman that they had been standing for some time.   (The banker was usually  given the road to return to the dock bottom, but two down trains were allowed to pass.)   An up passenger train ran into the banker at 30 mph, & a down empty stock train hit the wreckage.   The front two carriages telescoped & caught fire.  (This was 7 months after Quintinshill.)

The junction is at 345645 on the 1938 OS map.   There are several web references, including the BoT report in Railways Archive.   Google yields contemporary & recent newspaper centenary coverage of human effects. 

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