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Friday, 18 December 2015

Today & Tomorrow

Ian lighting a fire in Cochrane following tube work yesterday
John removing electrical sockets in preparation for MH shed gable wall rebuild
No.2 & Cochrane being steamed to reduce preparation time tomorrow
Malcolm swabbing AH shop deck
Ian cutting RSJs which will form a temporary portal frame for MH shed roof while the gable is dismantled
The fully booked North Pole Express runs again tomorrow & Sunday
(photo taken on 6th inst by Ken Snowdon)
Last but not least ..... Alan Thompson was interviewed for the World at One recently.   His sonorous tones were heard in the show broadcast today, and for nearly 10% of the 45 minutes.   The programme is available on iplayer for 29 days, and may be downloaded from there.   Alan's description of Tanfield Railway is about 40 minutes 30 seconds in.