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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Ops

Steve offering the token while propelling into Andrews House
David bringing a van around
Ticket inspector & guard in the rear of a passing train
Steve & Luke watering Cochrane
Cochrane setting out from Andrews House .....
..... passing the signal box, featuring driver Steve .....
..... with Euan as a back marker again
Bobby has cut a hole in No.49's firebox tubeplate
to enable further inspection of the barrel
(photo courtesy of Richard Charlton)


Unknown said...

First time I've ever saw a hole cut in a firebox tubeplate; I always assumed that there'd be some sort of access hatch. Presumably, the section removed will be welded back in place

Derek said...

Inbuilt access to boiler barrels seems rare. You can't get in through the dome because of longitudinal stays & the main steam pipe / swan neck / regulator. Renishaw No.6 has an access plate at the bottom of the barrel, which I've seen on other Leeds built locos. It's fairly common to cut the smokebox or firebox tubeplate when you know you're going to replace it, either entirely or a section. The holey cut out will not be welded back in.