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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday Shots

George oiling Cochrane .....
..... & Mark cleaning the wheels
No,2 has brought empty stock into Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Ben, Steve & Ethan preparing Twizell ,,,,,
..... then taking an extra carriage .....
.... into Andrews House, behind the Ran Tanners, & Cochrane with its train
Twizell & Cochrane ready at Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
As Cochrane heads for Sunniside, Henry on Twizell sets back .....
..... & reenters Sunniside on the west platform
George on Cochrane entering East Tanfield
Angela serving teas & information in East Tanfield
Cochrane running round at ET, seen through one of the new windows
Car display at ET
Callum the guard & Euan on the crossing

George Welch & Christine Jeans on ukeleles in Andrews House
Trains passing again in Andrews House
Twizell head south
The Tenth Avenue Band at Andrews |House, direct from the Edinburgh Festival
David & Guy wave
Cramlington Caribbean Steel Band in the carriage shed
Flugelhorn solo with Backworth Colliery Band .....
..... & the Backworth band with the Backworth loco
(photo courtesy of Kyle Allsopp)
Ethan, Ben, Ben & Dai painting Horden's wheels
Richard grinding a lip from Horden's RH cylinder bore
George bringing Cochrane back into Andrews House

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