Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Few From Today

Peter & Ian casting an eye over Horden
Steve cleaning studs on a sandbox from Horden
Jeff boring out a side rod bearing for Horden
Jim truing another Horden bearing
Tom making cab window surrounds for Horden
Kyle painting Horden
Richard repairing 49's blastpipe
Ian & Mike fitting tubes into Cochrane
David on Twizell taking the goods train from Marley Hill to Andrews House
Luke & George taking No.2 back onto its train at Andrews House
Ethan on Twizell passing Alex with his barrow
Jack preparing to serve travellers on a winter warmer
John & John chatting behind the counter at AH
Larry & Helen behind the Pontop Canteen counter
An equine audience for No.2 heading south for Causey
..... & later passing Twizell with a photographic audience
Dan keeping an eye out as a trainee guard
Setting the train away from East Tanfield

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