Monday, 1 May 2017

May Day Mix

The photos below are all courtesy of Angela Pickering:

Ian coaling Andrews House platform
David & Dai preparing No.2 .....
..... along with Chris
Ben cleaning Twizell
Today's locos  outside Marley Hill shed
Dave making parts for Horden
Jim & Walter
Twizell approaches the signalbox
David as guard
George driving
David happily propelling into Andrews House .....
..... & leaving for Sunniside
Peter guarding
Dai, Alex & young Bob removing ash
Geoff, Jean & Lewis getting Pontop Canteen ready
Dave cleaning tables
David & Chris replenishing No.2
Chris would like the token
John behind Andrews House counter
Susan guarding
Frank gardening at Andrews House
John disconnecting the lathe to be replaced tomorrow
Kyle painting parts for Horden
Euan painting above his station
David sawing bits for No.1 .....
..... which Mark marks off
What're they looking at?
The photos above are all courtesy of Angela Pickering 


Angela said...

They are looking at a video of an alternative measuring tool designed for small objects. It is a very versatile and popular piece of equipment.

Alex Tyson said...

On the photo of us shoveling it's Alex not oliver in the middle.

Derek said...

Alex - sorry, caption corrected - Derek