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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day

The photos below are all courtesy of Angela Pickering:
David signals Ian on AW No.2 into the carriage shed
Taking the carriages into Marley Hill station
The train crew are ready for the day
Token at the ready, Chris takes the empty stock past the signalbox
HL No.2 heading for Sunniside ......
..... & returning past Marley Hill signalbox
Diesel driver Ian waiting for the train to clear the section
Seen through Gibraltar Bridge, No.6 signal is off & the train again heads .....
..... for Sunniside, with Dave the guard at the rear
Another return past th box .....
..... with David training as guard
Dave chatting with a passenger
David the driver loading coal on the footplate
Chris, Ben & David on their loco
The photos above are all courtesy of Angela Pickering 

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