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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

An End of a Line

David clearing the floor of Marley Hill carriage shed this morning
Kevin seeing the Husky through Causey Level Crossing
Steve & Kevin stacking sleepers .....
..... which Ian caries through the new ET carriage shed
Kevin, Dave, Rob & Steve digging out for the buffer stop at the end of the shed
Fetching part of the buffer stop frame .....
..... & placing it in position
The other side going into place
Aligning & gauging .....
..... then screwing down
The last sleeper .....
..... being fixed under the buffer stop
Northern Structures continuing with the roof
Steve helping to change a point blade
At Marley Hill, Antony painting the carriage shed floor
(photo courtesy of Euan Sharp)
This evening - Antony, David, David & Euan are painting the floor

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