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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunday Variety

Richard oiling Cochrane's axleboxes this morning
Angela shunting carriages, assisted by Dave
Matthew manning Marley Hill ground frame
Mark & Richard crewing Cochrane
Susan planting for spring 2018
Frank preparing for more planting
Neil fettling the saw
Neil & Steve bedding down the new workshop machinery
Chris attaching hinges to Horden's smokebox door
Tom grinding in Horden's regulator
Guy flagging the train away from Causey Arch station .....
..... & tightening a coupling
Bill & Alan watch a departure from Andrews House
Tom & Stuart cladding a workshop door

Logan cleaning steelwork on AW No.2 .....
..... with Alex & Oliver doing likewise
Chris bringing the empty stock back to Marley Hill this evening

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