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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Some of Today's Work

Malcolm countersinking rivet holes on Horden's smokebox
Brian cutting gussets for shed trusses, assisted by Barry
Bill grinding raggy edges from the truss gussets
Rob planning shelving for the store
Ian coaling all the locos for tomorrow
Ian refitting drive belts on the mower
Chris & Stewart filing door catchplates brazed yesterday by Bobby

Mark & Stewart refitting the catchplates to No.5

The Planet taking a waggon carrying wood to East Tanfield
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Colin operating ET ground frame .....
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
..... while Dave shunts carriages .....
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
..... & waggons ready for this weekend's gala
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Steve firing No.2
Gala locos being warmed through
No.18 arriving at Andrews House to take part in the gala
(photo courtesy of Logan Pye)
The Lewin loco at AH water column
(photo courtesy of Logan Pye)

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