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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Truss Progress

Colin, Steve & Bill work on the penultimate truss while Dave starts the last
Checks, feet, tightening up & purlin brackets to go
Steve, Dave & Kevin trying to get into alignment
I'm trimming a section to suit
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
Kevin & Steve gusset-fixing
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
Dave building a foot
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
The last truss takes shape .....
..... with the team checking .....
..... as they go
Dave trimming a proud gusset
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
Ian tidying at the front of the shed
Kevin & Bill painting steel stock to minimize rusting
Standing the trusses upright .....
..... to give access for removing the rest of the roof
Works train heading past Causey Level Crossing
At Causey, Colin & Dave drop off a few sleepers to replace the tie bar in the foreground
At East Tanfield, collecting roof sheets which we'll need soon
Steve painting steel stock

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