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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Trusses & Wellington

Mick adding grey primer to the bare metal truss sections
Nigel & Kevin making a temporary counter for Saturday's music do
Wellington has been hauled out by the Planet .....
..... for Jonny & Stewart to take with AW No.2 .....
..... for loading at ET to be taken offsite for restoration work
(photo courtesy of Dave Russell)
Bill, George & Steve handling & drilling truss sections
Ian & Jim getting ready to drill for purlin brackets
Bill & Jim fastening pairs of rafters
More rafter drilling by Steve & George
Bill & George adding a ridge joint
Ian & Steve drilling for purlin brackets
Mick deburring before painting
Another ridge joint being planned
Nigel deburring
Red undercoat following the grey primer
Dave & Nigel priming
Mick adding a black topcoat
More painting by Bill .....
..... & Steve
Cutting & drilling is largely complete, as is most of the 3 coats of paint on the 4 trusses to be constructed.

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