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Sunday, 2 February 2020


49 heading out from Marley Hill
Richard exchanging tokens at the box
Pausing at Andrews house for Ben to water the loco ......
..... before heading to East Tanfield to pick up the train
Ben the guard looking back as a later train heads into Andrews House
In the workshop, Tom & Jim set up .....
..... one of HC 38's axleboxes in the miller
Mick has nearly completed the repair of the pull lift
49 approaching Causey level crossing .....
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
..... where Geoff is exhibiting his flag
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
Inserting a 9' crossing timber in the Marley Hill main turnout
David & Alex keying, with Ethan in reserve
Ian digging for cables .....
..... which are need of maintenance
49 heads emerges Gibraltar Bridge .....
..... & heads past Bowes Bridge
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
Returning to exchange tokens .....
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
..... with Ben looking back passing the box
Ash ballast being emptied from the boxes beside No.1 signal ....
(photo courtesy of lLiver Humphries)
..... by Oliver
(photo courtesy of Oliver Humphries)
49 heading for .....
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
..... & passing Terrace Junction
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
Today's last train ascends Causey East Incline
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
Ben emptying the fire at Marley Hill
(photo courtesy of Oliver Humphries)

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