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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Gala Day 1

As Twizell's driver, I've had fewer chances to record a full range of activities during the gala, and the situation will be similar tomorrow.   If anyone has a good shot showing workers or the public, please email it to this blog.
Seven locos in use, and Marley Hill shed looks bare
Left: No.6 on the coal train (49 at the other end)
Right: Birkenhead and Twizell on the mixed.
There are a reasonable number of passengers about
Agecroft No.1 departs, leaving Twizell at Sunniside
No.6 arrives with the coal train guard taking charge
Coal train guard and fireman on Twizell
49 heads the coal train, as viewed from Twizell

The temporarily empty carriage shed at Marley Hill is being used for display and trade stands:

North East Meccano Society holds some interest
One of several model railway layouts