Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Pre Gala

The main part of the day was taken up by a photographic charter, with ex NCB / NER H class 1310 (on loan from Middleton, Leeds) and Cochrane (deputizing for Y7 985) on a short train of empty coal hoppers.

Me oiling 1310
Pete taking the coal hoppers out of East Tanfield
Photographers boarding at ET
No prizes for recognizing the fireman by hairdo
David on 1310's regulator
David filling 1310
Two trains waiting at Andrews House
Cochrane passing 1310, showing
firemen Angela and David
A shot showing 1310 and fireman David at rest,
and the fish eye view of my Nokia E5

This evening is also a photographic do, with locos moving around Marley Hill shed yard.

A young cleaner at work on No.6
Line up
John from Middleton tightening
1310's valve rod glands
Cochrane and evening crew
David showing another use of a Y7
Owen chatting with a photographer
Overview of Marley Hill shed yard,
featuring Y7 985 on the move

(I would expect the best photos of all this to appear in the railway press and photographers' webs.)