Sunday, 30 September 2012

Loco Boiler Examinations etc

Walter making an aluminium washer
Jim working on HL No.2's vac application valve
- which was later fitted by Walter
Peter extracting HL No.2's LH cross head cotter
- Jim later made a new longer one
John improving the crane's electrical controls
Jim doing a quick welding job for a friend
Dave making a handbrake screw for Horden
Peter attempting to adjust No.2's drain cocks
Graham (boiler inspector) checking Twizell's firebox
Malcolm refitting a fusible plug in Twizell's firebox .....
..... and the pressure gauge in the cab
Graham inspecting Cochrane's firebox
Malcolm has been checking for split pins around No.2
- the right hand crosshead cotter needed drilling first
Graham checking Cochrane's front tubeplate
Ian reinstalling plugs in Twizell's front tubeplate
The boilers of Twizell and Cochrane were found to be satisfactory on cold examination.   Phil, Malcolm S, Ian and I reinstalled their firebars, ashpan bottoms, plugs, mudhole doors, fusible plugs, etc.  They have been coaled and watered ready for tomorrow's steam tests, which will also involve HL No.2.