Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Gala

Steve on No.6 on empty stock at start of day
Peter, Chris and David clean the Y7
NER H class line up
George moves 1310 off shed
Neil demonstrating the narrow gauge
Matthew, fireman on No.6
Sarah, guard on the Victorian stock
Operating discussion on 1310
Rod, guard on the light railway
(modern) stock
Ice creams were popular today
Bob on his narrow gauge
Danny and Bobby using the forge .....
..... to free a tie bar turn buckle
In the ticket kiosk
A crowd at the crossing watch the coal train shunt'
Colin, Dan and Peter discuss shunting
Alan driving the Y7
Exhibitors in the carriage shed
The view down the carriage shed
Ken and Roger from the nascent Aln Valley
David fills the Y7 bunker from the tractor bucket
Peter and Tommy serving in AH shop
Tom posing on Twizell
At Sunniside, passengers watch 1310 buffer up .....
..... and David couple up
George & David leave Sunniside on H class 1310
Mark on Cochrane handing the token to Matthew
Peter, Colin, Chris and Robson on the coal train
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
Me, repairing Marley Hill shed yard fence
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)
Twizell attracts attention on its way to MH shed
(photo courtesy of Malcolm Parker)