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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Coal Train Day

Tom, Owen & Anthony preparing Twizell & Cochrane

George oiling Cochrane
Twizell taking the coal train round MH curve
Ryan & Angela exchanging tokens
as the works train heads south .....
..... past Twizell waiting in Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Callum Gilchrist)
Angela helping to unload the
jacker packer at Tanfield
AW No.2 drawing the coal train forward at Causey ......
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
..... so that Twizell can move to the head of the train
Collecting the guards van from Twizell
Twizell backing onto its train & heading past Causey Crossing .....

..... heading up the bank .....
(photo courtesy of Callum Gilchrist)
..... and past Boyd's
Owen & George on Cochrane at Andrews House
Cochrane at Causey
David working at Marley Hill forge
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Meanwhile Ian is packing on engine curve .....
..... and Angela is checking the level
Ethan & Euan levelling ballast
Kyle tightening a fishplate
More levelling of ballast by Steve & John
Kyle, Ethan & Euan moving ballast

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