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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Down the Line

Today, the check rail was installed at Engine Curve:
Ian demonstrating lifting rail with the strongback
The 30' first rail being moved into place .....
..... followed by a 60' rail, led by Owen & Matthew
Steve, Dennis & Cameron on the rear strongback
Steve turning a rail
The rest of the 60' rails are lifted .....
..... and wheeled into position
Ian cropping & Steve drilling a rail end to suit the chairs

Angela enjoys fishplating
Ian following up with oak keys
Placing a rail in the check chairs .....
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
..... Mathew & Dennis using bars
More bar work to curve the rail into position
Ian checking the fkangeway gap
Stu & Dan join the team
Angela & Ian keying
Bringing the last 30' rail to the job
Lifting a strongback onto the rail (Matthew on right)
..... and the other strongback - they weigh about 100 kg
and are extremely useful for handling 500 kg rails
Manouevering the last rail
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
..... then Dennis & Owen wait .....
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
..... for me to cut the last check rail end
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
Euan refuelling the Stihl saw under instruction
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
The last check rail going into the chairs
Then it's off to East Tanfield ......

More installation of point rodding
(photo courtesy of Stu Armstrong)
Euan & Matthew digging holes for roller mounts
Steve & Angela connecting rodding
Dan & Den punching rodding
Checking alignment

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