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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Last Operating Day of 2014

David shunting the empty stock, with Steve coupling up

Antony & Luke cleaning Twizell

Stewart backing Twizell onto the empty stock .....
..... & heading around Marley Hill curve onto the main line
Day's first train at Sunniside, with Twizell & No.2
(photo courtesy of Euan Sharp)
The next train at Sunniside .....
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
..... with Stewart oiling Twizell
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Luke cleaning Twizell at Andrews House,
watched by Mark .....
..... Stewart & David
Matthew flagging the train out of Andrews House
John washing up in Andrews House tearoom
Ryan reading during a quiet day in the signalbox
Twizell & Luke waiting .....
..... then heading for Causey & East Tanfield
Twizell coming off at East Tanfield .....
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
...... and moving back onto the head of the train
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Euan gazing at No.2 from No.8
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Twizell at Andrews House .....
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
..... leaving under Gibraltar Bridge .....
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
..... and heading for Sunniside
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)

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