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Sunday, 7 December 2014

North Pole Express Day 4

Outside Marley Hill shed, Chris, Tom, George & Matthew prepare No.2 & Cochrane
No.2 & Cochrane head round Marley Hill curve
Matthew & George on Cochrane with the empty stock at MH signalbox

Chris & Tom on No.2 running round the train
In Marley Hill shed, Angela needle gunning No.6's boiler
ready for tomorrow's inspection
The first train of the day has arrived at the North Pole
Early birds in the NP tearoom
No.2 leads Cochrane, to take water & coal
David, Rod & Brian in the grotto, & the man in red

Ken & Malcolm behind the counter, serving pies & sherry
A later view in the North Pole tearoom
Angela handling bags of coal, with Ian delivering

Peter firing for George
Chris watching as Tom starts a return express
In Marley Hill shed, David & Angela chat about No.6; Ian & Richard talk about the boiler

In the wood workshop, Mark painting a door
for carriage No.7
In the welding bay, Bobby panel beating a lamp
Cochrane leads over Houghwell Burn bridge .....
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
..... with No.2 banking
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
Twilight at Causey Level Crossing
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
Evening at Causey car park
(photo courtesy of O Winston Hewitt)

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