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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Today's Work

Tom turning the end of a brake shaft for HC No.38
Brian making Gardner parts
Clearing out the sleeper beds under Gibraltar Bridge
Nigel, Dick, Geoff, Dave, Dave, Bob & Bill installing sleepers
Fishplating, while Geoff & Dick roll up the other rail .....
..... which Dave, Dick & Nigel turn into the chairs
The rails are keyed & fishplated
Bob, Nigel & Bill drill & screw down chairs .....
..... then gauge & fix the other rail
Peter & Geoff shovel packing the ash ballast under the chairs
Peter & Dick packing; Geoff preparing to pack
Tidying the ballast & clearing the work area;
we realigned the wonky sleeper behind Geoff
An early finish, so time for posing .....
..... including for passing visitors
Possible work for tomorrow - replacing crossing timbers

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