Sunday, 17 May 2015

Around Marley Hill Today

Stewart oiling between Cochrane's frames
Owen cleaning Cochrane; Ian cleaning No.2

Angela preparing to oil No.2
Ian cleaning gauge glass protectors
Heading out from Marley Hill with empty stock .....
..... & propelling into Andrews House
Frank planting in the station .....
..... & helping Susan
Helicopter rides over Andrews House today
No.2 & Cochrane arrive at AH, as seen from the signalbox
Leaving Andrews House for Sunniside
Dave the guard & Adam keep a lookout
Ian & Angela crew No.2, returning from Sunniside
Paul, Bishop of Durham, chats with Bill, bishop of Tanfield
The Bishop of Durham meets Ian on No.2
Another departure from Andrews House ....
..... with Dave at the rear
Ready to head south from AH
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Ethan, Jonathan & Cameron tidy up around Pontop Cafe
Owen leaping & Stewart ducking
Ian coupling
The empty stock heads under Gibraltar Bridge .....
..... for Terrace Junction, thence Marley Hill
Stuart trying the new seating arrangement in carriage No.7
Mark leading work on No.7
(photo courtesy of David Reed)

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