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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Double Headed Sunday

The photos below were taken by Ken Snowdon last Sunday:
Cochrane & No.2 .....
..... on the bank to Andrews House .....
..... & passing the coaling ramp for Bowes Bridge shed
No.2 & Cochrane leave East Tanfield .....
..... near Causey level crossing .....
..... & passing Terrace Junction
Stewart pokes his head out of Cochrane on East Tanfield bank .....
..... & Owen pokes his head out of the other side at Terrace Junction
Boilerless No.6, Twizell & 14 in Marley Hill shed
Angela & Stewart look ahead on Causey embankment
The signalman has swapped tokens in Andrews House station
The photos above are all courtesy of  Ken Snowdon

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