Thursday, 18 June 2015

Even More Gala Prep

Diesels galore - but which one is working?
(photo courtesy of Nigel Wheeler)
Jonny & David watering No.41 as both visitors are steamed
(photo courtesy of Nigel Wheeler)
For comparison - long boiler No.48 heading through
Chopwell Wood in the 1950s (the bridge is extant)
Malcolm & Colin cleaning Marley Hill shed floor
Nigel mowing the car park .....
(photo courtesy of Nigel Wheeler)
..... assisted by Bob - at TR we mow car parks & platforms
(photo courtesy of Nigel Wheeler)
Geoff & Nigel removing overhanging branches from the lineside .....
..... & tidying up
A photographer / reporter from the Journal / Chronicle .....
..... & the Northern Echo, each covering the local locos story
Colin working on a carriage table ......
..... & Chris doing the same
Kyle & Geoff clearing overgrowth at Causey
Kyle lopping .....
..... & sawing south of Causey

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