Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday at TR

Cochrane & David oiling No.2
Stewart & Angela preparing Cochrane in drizzling rain
Guy & Stewart exchanging tokens
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Tom & David waiting at Andrews House to head south
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Owen & Dan working on a hopper waggon axlebox
Bobby & Neil adding strengthening plates to the waggon
Ian on the digger & Steve on the Husky .....
..... flailing lineside vegetation .....
..... down to Causey Level Crossing
(photo courtesy of Chris Heighton)
Visitors enjoying the new canteen
Euan, Adam & Brenda behind the counter
Danny tidying weld on the waggon
Sarah the guard at Causey
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
John cleaning bridge gutters
Taking water at Andrews House
Sarah keeping a lookout as the train leaves Andrews House
Chris grinding weld in Horden's smokebox
Mark & David painting inside No.7
Ian strimming around Marley Hill
David removing the ad from Gamma's tank

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