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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

On the Other Side & at ET

Nigel adding to the gable
Bill mixing mortar
Steve, Bob & Steve searching for buried gable capping slabs
Steve hoisting a slab .....
..... which Nigel lays .....
..... before mortaring the very top of the gable wall
At ET, David painting within .....
..... & Geoff without
Ian levelling to check the proposed track layout for ET shed


Unknown said...

ET Shed? Will this be for coaches or locomotives? How big will it be? Will East Tanfield - When the station's finished - be the new starting and finishing point for trains?

Derek said...

In early planning, about 140' for three Carriages & a diesel loco.
ET gives easier level access to trains, and is an end of the line, so trains will start there.