Friday, 28 October 2016

This Weekend's Trains

This weekend, the normal timetable, travel & tickets are suspended for Halloween, and instead we present:

Tanfield Ghost Train
Do you dare take a trip on the Tanfield Ghost Train? Visit the Tanfield Railway on the 29th and 30th October for a spine tingling, hair-raising journey along the World's Oldest Railway. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for creatures lurking in the dark and things that go 'shunt' in the night!

Take part in gruesome games and taste some fangtastic food and drinks. Do you have the stomach to try some of the witches' potions?
Make sure to dress up in your best costume, as we want to see lots of witches, ghosts and ghouls! Don't worry if you forgot your mask though, as we'll have our face painter on hand to make you look simply scary.
Watch out, the station clowns about... and he's got some balloons to give out! Will you dare take one?
Confirmed spooky things to see and do so far;
  • Are you clear of any zombie infection? The Zombie safe zone entrance will make sure of this... but you might have to visit the decontamination tent!
  • Do you dare take the lonely walk down Station Road, what is lurking behind that wall or those trees?
  • Are you brave enough to enter the spiders tent? Watch out for the bones of previous victims!
  • Locked behind bars in Andrews House station waiting room is the criminal clown... how close will you get?
  • There's a zombie outbreak on the train! One carriage has been taken off and put in quarantine... make sure to stand well back!
  • Who dares to sit on the electric chair? You might want to get a quick photo before the power is turned on!
  • Be transformed by our fiendish face painter (small charge applies)
  • How close will get to the creepy crawlies show?
  • Have you committed a crime? Then you deserve to go to the stocks! Be quick to get a photo before the axe is swung...
  • Troublesome clowns have escaped prison and they are infecting everyone with their balloons... can you resist one?
  • Have you arrived dressed to impress? The terrifying ticket conductor will be deciding who wins the best dressed competition.
  • The pumpkins are alive! Have you seen them sing Halloween songs, tell their stories and pull funny faces?
  • Trick or Treat? Will you pick a toffee apple or toffee onion?
  • Make sure to visit our birds of prey - hold an owl or a hawk!
  • Are you a witch or a wizard? You'll need a suitable wand then... make sure to stop by our wand making activity.
  • Be horrified by the spooky sounds of the Ran Tanners!
This event is suitable for all ages, however the darker it gets the spookier it becomes.
Pre booking is essential for this popular event.
Tickets cost £12 per person. Children under 3 travel free.
Trains depart at 2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.30pm & 8pm.
To book your place please click here to be taken to our online shop

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