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Monday, 10 April 2017

Monday Mix

Malcolm cleaning the bore of Horden's LH cylinder
(photo courtesy of Jack Picknell)
Jim working on Horden's side rod split brasses
(photo courtesy of Jack Picknell)
Dennis drilling plate for footseteps
(photo courtesy of Jack Picknell)
Alan & Brian working on Horden's RH rear cylinder cover
Alan tightening cylinder end cover nuts
(photo courtesy of Jack Picknell)
Dave cutting packing shims for Horden's rods
Malcolm measuring a siderod half bearing
Malcolm checking the fit of a bearing
(photo courtesy of Jack Picknell)
Peter explaining to Angela how to make trimmings for loco lubrication
John checking emergency lights in the carriage shed
Matthew checking water level before lighting Cochrane
Matthew planing wooden flooring for Cochrane's cab
Matthew has steamed Cochrane to test the lift of the
safety valves  prior to Thursday's steam test

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