Thursday, 6 April 2017

Thursday Jobs

Ian filling gaps in the clerestory of Marley Hill shed
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Dennis aiming to complete the base of the bin bay
Barry tapping a slipper into one of Horden's crossheads
Jim & Peter moving Horden's coupling rod , which has had an end bored out true
Bill working on carriage No.1
Ronnie fitting a guide before using a router on No.1's frame
View from the works train passing Steve,
who is manning Causey Crossing
At ET, not everything goes easily -  Rob, Steve & Dave dig to remove a boulder
which prevents a pole being hammered through the platform
Rob & Steve making  hole in the platform wall through which to drive the stay pole (seen lower right in the hole)
Dave drilling for another stay to support the leaning bay platform wall
Bill hammering through the preliminary bore tube, which Dave keeps horizontal
Steve infilling one of the sighting holes
Bill & Rob digging a sighting hole for the next stay pole
The main pole being driven through by Dave
Ian in the clerestory on the hired scissor lift

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