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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Operations

Alan operating the carriage shed ground frame .....
..... while Tom shunts with AW No.2
Ben & Ben clean Cochrane .....
..... while Matthew steams the loco
Steve taking Cochrane out of Marley Hill .....
..... & propelling the empty stock into Andrews House
Later, Matthew & Steve returning with the first passenger train from Sunniside
Guy the guard
Frank cleaning the back lawn at Andrews House
David taking a future booking while John serves in AH shop
Howard chatting to travellers in the saloon
Peter heating one of Horden's pistons so that the piston rod can be inserted
(photos courtesy of Richard Charlton)
Matthew driving Cochrane past the signalbox
..... & Tom using AW No.2 to return the train from Sunniside

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