Did you know? Twizell was built without electricity - the grid wasn't around in 1891!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Ugly's Arrival

All photos below are thanks to Angela Pickering. 

David Varnishing no.1's tables. 

Ian and Peter discussing work on Horden.
Our first gala visitor 'UGLY' has arrived at East Tanfield after traveling to is from.the Spa Valley Railway. 
Matthew and Ian setting up rails to take the locomotive off the low loader. 
The planet and 35 being used for shunting in preparation for the gala.
Ian coaling Ugly. 
Antony moveing no.1s roof sheet in preparation for the sides to be glossed.

All.photos above are thanks to Angela Pickering.
Angela using the Planet to drag Ugly to MH from East Tanfield...
...before moveing it to be coaled in the yard.
35 basking in the afternoon sun - or clouds anyway.
...and Matthew working on Ugly. 
David applying no.1s first coat of gloss